Friday, 28 October 2016

Who's watching you tonight for AJJ

 Only a few more days to join  the folk  over at 

for this months theme...Indian summer/Golden October/Autumn

I was  still thinking about the wonderful colours of Autumn
when I created this digital page.
As its near Halloween I just had to make it a little scary .

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Made using Mischief Circus images
 and a few of my own additions

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Spooky or not? for AJJ

Are you scared at Halloween time ?
Well, I'm not.
Halloween is something that wasn't celebrated  when my boys were young.
they are in their 40's now. It was more about Guy Fawkes and fireworks.
Here where we live in the UK its growing in popularity
 and families seem to gather together for a party.
Parents go with the children to be sure they are safe, and its usually arranged where they call.

This is the base of the page in my hybrid  journal.
Splashes of colour, using Brusho powder on wet paper.

A word stencil  came next. 
After the photo was taken it was finished digitally, the fingers were not so good today for hands on crafting.

I  will join the folk at
  Art Journal Journey,

for Valerie's theme ...October there is only 5 days left till we celebrate the last day of the month and

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Additional digital images from
mischief Circus kits and my
own stored ones.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Hand Made for TioT's

There is a new challenge theme today over at Try it on Tuesdays
called..........Hand made by you.

My hand made  example is a Christmas card.
There are some rules this time and we are not allowed
..................... to use digi's or shop bought embellishments.
The team have made some fantastic examples
 and I hope you will pop over for all the details and to see what they made.

This is the first stage of my card,
a piece of packaging  and a hand drawn shape of a wonky star.

Some of the layer torn away to  show the corrugated part. 
You can also see the  music tissue
 that will also be used. . 

The beginnings of the base layer. was a piece of parcel  paper, covered with white gesso.
I did use an embossing folder for texture,
then the pieces of serviette were stuck down.
I made a few pieces like this, they are useful as base layers.

The stars were added using a stencil,
as more texture was needed.,
and another coat of gesso.

This is the best close up photo I could get of the base and star.

The star was also coated with gesso , with  some gold and  silver  gilding wax smeared onto the raised surfaces, just like the base layer .

The ribbon, stencil, embossing folder paints etc.  have all been in my stash for a very long time, so nothing new was purchased to make this card.
Layer papers had the blunt scissor treatment to rough up the edges.

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If you have called in to visit on T Day, please scroll down to my earlier post

The witch's tea party

Halloween is fast approaching , so I am beginning this post with a digital journal page.

My two modern witches have put  aside their usual black dress
 and gone for a more modern party look and are looking for some fun.
so they are off to
where the new theme is Halloween Party

The idea for this scenario, came when I saw this store in   an out of town shopping  center.
A car journey away from where we live,  but it made me smile.
We were only going to the phone shop to see if my husbands phone could be updated,
 but it turned out he needed a new one.

At the entrance was this handsome chap with his dog.

I am sorry about the reflections on the windows, but I could not pass by this,
 without inviting my T day friends over at

to join me for an afternoon cuppa

In case you wonder, we didn't  stop  there for tea

Just a few steps away
 and into a much better Cafe for a Cheese and Mushroom Toasted Sandwich, 
together with my favourite brew.

Now an update on the book I was reading last week.
The Harry Potter stage play script.
I was very disappointed, I won't say anything 
about the plot  in case you want to read it yourselves.
Not worth buying, so borrow it, or look for a cheap copy.

Happy T day everyone
Thank you for calling in to see me today, you are very welcome.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Lady in shadows for AJJ

Autumn shadows
I have been making another hybrid page today for
Art Journal Journey

and Valerie's
theme of Indian summer-Golden October- Autumn.
 During  autumn  one of my joys is to watch the trees and leaves change colour, almost every day, there  are new shades to see, even if its in my own garden.
 Sweeping up the leaves is another subject.
Shadows are cast and whole areas are plunged into shade,  while  other areas are still enjoying the some autumn sun. Now thats quite magical to me..

Base layer, was embossed ,
 some music trimmings glued before before a water colour wash was added.
I have used  this background style before and it is so useful to have on the desk

This is a  page of colouring in from
The  Colouring  Studio  [Somerset magazines],
which I used as the next layer.
 The  rest of the details and images were added using the digital program I use.[MCS]

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Friday, 21 October 2016

Golden autumn colours for AJJ

Magical colours of Autumn.
When we look into our countryside or garden  at this time of the year,
 the colours seem to change  rapidly.
We may think of the.....
 Past................... how it all looked a few days ago.
Present........... how things have changes in a short time
Future............ the promise of a new season and how  everything will change yet again,
when nature works her magic on the countryside.

A Golden October page  for
Art Journal Journey

and Valerie's theme for this month, that I am really enjoying.
The inspiration over at AJJ is fantastic.

The original page in my  8 x 8 inch journal.
I used a variety of distress inks for the stamping of the leafy background. As well as a few swipes over with  diluted paint . ink etc
Hard to explain and it probably has a proper name,  but,
I put pool--blob of  colour, perhaps some distress crayon-- on a mat
 and use a  wet wipe to spread the colour.
[ They had   been allowed to dry  as I forgot to seal them back up,
 with a spray of water they are good to go] 

I am able to digitally punch  shapes in the the program I use for my digital pages.
On the right are the leaf shapes I wanted to use.

This is the digital leaf spray,
 being able to add shadows  change colours and size   is also a bonus.

The fairy was also added in the same way.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Halloween cat

A digital page for Halloween and a reminder that the current theme  for  Halloween fun over at

 Try it on Tuesdays.........
is...........Scary and Spooky.

If you called in to see my earlier post today,
you can see  Grisdelda  having fun and learning how to use her magic wand.

I  will add this page  to
  Art Journal Journey.
for Valerie's theme of Golden October, Indian Summer  Autumn.
Halloween is now a popular event in the UK at the end of October, the supermarkets have  large areas where costumes and treats are on sale.  It seems to me very  commercial and yet another way to get folk to spend more money.

Thank you for calling in to see me, your comments are always appreciated.

Digital images are from
Mischief Circus kits.