Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Pieces of paper

The other  day I shared some pages from a diary/planner  I have been making.
I had lots of scraps  and left over cut outs. that were much to good to throw away and after visiting  one of my  blog friends  Chris
 and seeing how she had been using up her scraps, I decided to use some on this collage page..

Now,  as to the story behind this page, it is known that  I am a hoarder.,
Pigs will certainly fly,   if I ever have a 'proper' clean up in my craftroom.
I never know when to stop adding things to my journal pages
 and have to give myself a talking to,  about when enough is enough,
so no changes here.
A few paint smears and a digital word stamp added ,which kind of says it all for me today.

''I don't want to get down from my cloud.''

If I do I will be back in the world of,   'the now'  
 and I would much rather spend more time crafting.

I will be linking up with the folk at
where Erika's theme is ..., Every Journal Page tells a Story

Thank you for calling in to see me today, you are all very welcome here.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Its ..........Anything but Square--at TioT's today

The new challenge theme over at Try it on Tuesdays is....
Anything but Square.

This time I decided to alter my pencil pot, 
The team have had some fantastic ideas for this theme, I hope you will pop over and take a look.

On the left are a few photos
 I took  during the process.
Top left....
the original box, very pink and covered with scraps of torn paper.

Top right......
a few layers of white acrylic paint, I quite liked the uneven surface at this stage , so just added some extra texture using stencils.

Middle photos.....
  show one  side and the back, more stencils,  a few stamped images,
colouring with pens, some blue distress ink and gilding wax.

Bottom photos....
 show the other side and the front.
Here I added a cut out heart shape  made from corrugated paper and a wooden bird shape.

My pencils now sit on my desk  in a shabby chic style box, 
which I enjoyed  altering.

Thank you for calling in to see me today,
I always appreciate the comments you leave for me.

If you called in for Tea this Tuesday, please scroll down to my earlier post

Monday, 16 January 2017

T stands for Tuesday and a Diary

First of all hello and welcome to all of you stopping by today
 and to the folk who  share a cuppa and natter , over at 
 T stands for Tuesday.

I have seen many friends in Blogland keeping a daily planner/ diary,
 I've never been able to keep one going, good intentions blow out of the window.
But, I think if I  leave it open  on my desk at night,
 it will prompt me to write even just one word a day.

 Cardboard at the ready to  make the binder, piles of papers collected over the years, a hole punch, glue and  another of my bargain buys a 2017 calendar for £1

This was taken apart. I will be using the fun pictures in other projects

It is so dull today that the photos aren't that good, but I think you will get the idea

I was quite careful when sticking stuff down to leave openings to tuck things in

I have more photos  to take  of the other pages.
Also the front cover is work in progress.

The mess with paper trimmings was by now piled  high, time to get a large bag to get the scraps.
loaded into the recycling bin.

As predicted not all the scraps went into the bag.

My choice of drink was plain water with lemon , although it sank to the bottom of the cup,
 I am trying to cut back on the tea for a few days, and water is good for us.!!!!!!
Just off to find a tea bag..... no will power tonight.

Happy T day everyone

Sunday, 15 January 2017


Hope is one of those words we all use and I do wonder how many of us,
  me included stop and think what it really means in our lives.
  This word, I am sure will be included in  many  of our stories and memories.

So  I have made a hybrid page to share over at
where the theme for the month chosen by Erika is....
Tell me a story....

This is the start  base layers of my page, paint , stencils and another tissue napkin of a robin.
One of my recent bargains  found in the supermarket selling off excess Christmas stocks.
It was finished in my computer program with words and digital additions [notes in my sidebar].

Thank you for calling in to see me today, you are very welcome here.

I hope you all have a safe and happy Sunday.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The penguins story

I have made another page in my journal using a tissue napkin. with these lovely penguins on it.
I will be linking with Art Journal Journey
and Erika's theme of Tell me a Story......

The background was a mop up page  with some smeared about thick acrylic white paint. fingers and an old plastic card worked a treat.
 It took quite a while to dry. It was finished off using my computer program.


There has been so much on our TV's and in the Press about Global Warming, it does make me think about how we can protect our wild animals for future generations as well as ourselves 
Then, I did ponder on  what the animals would say to us, if they could only talk.
Maybe they wonder how they can reclaim their own territory
 and still  be able to feel  safe there at the same time.
Not all stories have happy endings  and I think we may never hear the end of this one in a way that will be acceptable to all living creatures 

Anyway, my penguins are happy . 
They have just returned home after a holiday in Africa and have some photos for the family album.
They  agreed it was good to get back to the cooler climate, away from the heat they had on holiday.

Thank you for calling in to see me today.
You are very welcome here

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

How times change

Hello  to everyone who has called in to see me today from

 to  share a cuppa on T Day.

 Putting the world to rights, as I  shared a cuppa,  with a close friend
  on our weekly  get together day,
we talked  about how times change over the years,
 especially what Santa delivered to our children when they were young  on Christmas morning.
Having Boys it was always cars and lego,  we remembered another friends daughter one year asking  for an Action Man toy, then had a good laugh the year she got a dolls pram.
 Her brother and our  sons, fought over the right to push it up and down the garden.
She played with the trucks.
Happy Days and fond memories.

This past Christmas , showing  how times change, my two  sons wanted a New Microwave/ combination  oven and a Coffee machine for their homes .  Cash exchanged hands  and they sourced what they wanted themselves. Much easier for us. I did search the net for the images I used on the digital page, not what they actually got, but similar.
We have visited  with the one who got the coffee machine, it  serves real  good coffee
 [I do drink it occasionally].
My other son says that his  new oven is good as well. So Santa's job was done for another year.

I created a tea related digital  page .
The   friend I mentioned  earlier and  myself  have shared many cups of tea and coffee, support,  companionship, laughs , sadness and tears  over the many years  of our friendship, we met when our children were babies.
So we go back a long way.

However,  I equally value the friendships I have made here in Blogland, you all deserve a mention here.

As there is a story to this post and a journal page I will pop over and link with
Art Journal Journey
and Erika's theme of Every Page Tells a Story


I  am also adding a thank you to  Pam from
My Creative Side who sent me this
beautiful piece. It arrived on Saturday, a total surprise and I was thrilled to receive it.
As you can see it is free standing,  she describes  what she uses to make them  here.

Thank you for taking time to call in and share a cuppa with me today.  You are all very welcome.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Morf and Idris for AJJ

Erika's theme for this month over at
is..... Every Journal page a tells a Story.

This tale came to me after finding a file of old photos,
 including this  Bookmark that I have made in the past.
 So I have altered it into this hybrid/digital page.

Here we have 'Idris,' the friendly dragon,
 getting quite a surprise when he sees  'Morf'' giving him
 a  big cheesy grin.
He wondered WHY?  Morf .......usually ran away when saw him.
He smiled back and gave him a wave and they got chatting.
Morf said,  that his big brother  had told him there were no such things as dragons and that they were monsters he should be scared of.....  why was he making up stories  about seeing  dragons.
Idris sighed and told Morf, that many folk were frightened and  didn't believe he was real.
Maybe,  Morf would go and tell evetyone,  that all Idris wanted,
 was to be friends. He couldn't help how he looked, inside he was just him, a big friendly dragon.

Mind you I think I may have got a scare seeing the grin
 on Morf''s face and ran off in the other direction.. if I'd been Idris.

Thank you for calling in today, you are most welcome
 and I appreciate the comments you leave for me.