Thursday, 23 November 2017

Comfort food for cold days

A mixed media /hybrid page today for Chris's theme of
101 ways to keep warm over at 

This page is in my 8x8 inch journal.
Water colour base, a fussy cut picture from a magazine with  a girl in her thick winter jumper warming her hands on a mug of soup.
I have to admit I love a mug of soup on cold winter days. There were some scraps of music paper added , next an  embossed stencil area , which  when it dried out  I smeared it  with gilding wax.

I added the snowflakes and the words  in the computer program I use. [notes in my sidebar].
I know its still supposed to be autumn, but forgive me for using a winter quote, it seemed just right for this page.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my blog friends who are celebrating  today, I hope you have a special and happy day.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Colourful at TioT's

The new challenge theme over at
We are asking you to use colour with hardly any or no white area.
There are fantastic examples from the team, please pop over to take a look.

To help myself with this challenge I decided to use kraft card base.
It was easy to add a bit of colour through a stencil.
I had a new Steampunk cat stamp that needed to be inked.
Stamped onto white card, then fussy cut and coloured.
The die cut cogs were cut from a piece of dark  packaging,
I smeared them with some gilding wax and stopped as i thought they looked quite rusty at this stage.

So I have a card made in advance for a fun loving male family friend.
I just wish a fairy would wave a wand and make me some Christmas cards.

Thank you for calling in today, your comments are always appreciated.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Shetland......Up Helly Aa..... and of course a brew.

For Chris's theme of 101 ways to keep warm over at

My page today is taking you to a very warm destination 
a Fire Festival
held each year,  a celebration I would like to see, but like many others watch it on TV.
Can you just imagine the heat..............

This is a link if you want to find out more.
 The pictures I used for this page were cut from magazines.

I had a cuppa as usual on my craft desk, the hen does make me smile when I use this cup. 
So I will say hello to friends who call in  today
 Its T stands for Tuesday at
where we are always made welcome to share a drinks related post.

 I found a lot more photos from an internet search.  The official  Up Helly Aa site has many more information links.

'Up Helly Aa'  is a spectacular fire festival that takes place on   Shetland,  on the last Tuesday of January. After a parade around the town, with the participants  carrying  torches,  the event culminates with flaming torches being thrown into a Viking Galley!

As you can see on the with this last photo , I had a play with my original page, in the computer program I use.

Thank you for calling in to see me,  I hope you all have a warm and cosy day

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Dance to the music.

The new challenge theme over at


The tag was water coloured,
 then embossed with texture paste.
Finished with a little gilding wax.
All the other additions were made in the
 digital computer program I use. [notes in my side bar].

Thank you for stopping by today, your visit here is always welcome.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Out of the cold and into the warm

This is a hybrid/mixed media journal page for 
theme.......... 101 Ways to Keep Warm....  over at

The base was coloured with white gesso, and water colours, there is a magazine page first of all, but this ended up being completely covered.

Some stencils came next and after they dried out I rubbed on a little gilding wax.
Over to the digital program I used 
I started adding  a winter scene and remembered to save you a peek at this stage. 
Its been so frosty here in the mornings , clean and crisp to get out and enjoy a walk.  But best of all. it  made me think of the pleasurable feeling you get when you actually turn around and go back home to the warm.

Thank you for calling in today, you are always welcome here
 and the comments you leave for me are always appreciated.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Hot Chocolate and Soup

I am starting off with another page for Chris's theme over at
101 ways to keep warm.

I  used  a variety of stencils  on this background .
The words down the left of the page are stamped.
Which brings me to the pictures, these were torn from an old magazine , they instantly gave me the idea for this page .

How comforting to have  a cup of hot chocolate  after a walk .   I added some faux stitching and the words were computer generated.

As its Tuesday, I am also off to visit with friends at
where we are always made to feel welcome with a drinks related post.

Last Thursday we went to Corbridge  a very  small country town/ or large village,
  I think how its described,  depends, on where your own home is. It is for sure a larger village than where we live   and has a number of independent shops.
.It  is about a 20 minute journey for us  in the car.
There is a very good farm shop close by that  I wanted to call in to and we needed    to  visit  the  hardware store in the village for some wood  paint.

It was quite a dull day , but if you can enlarge the photo you will see the Corbridge in the distance.  It  attracts many visitors especially from folk visiting Hadrians Wall.

We spent more time in Corbridge,  than we intended and ended up having    lunch   in the  Cyclists cafe.

Home made thick carrot soup  with a chicken  and avocado wrap.
No posh milk jugs here, the milk is served in small bottles.
 Oh and proper infused tea, not a tea bags  to be seen

Cyclists , adults, children , babies and dogs  are all welcomed there.
The dogs are served a bowl of water  by their owners table. A real gem of a place.

Thank you for stopping by to visit with me today
and Happy T day wishes everyone

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Love will keep us warm

I am sharing a hybrid journal page for Chris's theme of
"101 ways to stay warm",  at......

This is how the page began, with a simple water colour wash base.
  I fussy cut some stamped paper Artsy houses. The sweet knitted bears having a cosy cuddle, were cut from an old magazine.  After I had added these images I  added a bit more paint before the photo was taken. Then it was off to the computer to have a  play.  No inky fingers for this  next stage.

I am adding a reminder for the current Try it on Tuesdays challenge theme.... Home Sweet Home....  you  get the information here.

I wonder which of these houses my bears live in?

Thank you for calling in to see me today, your comments and visit are always appreciated.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Time to remember

Remembrance Day.
Time to remember
the men and women  from all the countries of our world.
Who throughout the years past and  present,
 served their countries
 and gave  their lives
for the freedom and safety of others.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Going home

A hybrid journal page for
and Chris's  theme this month.....
101 ways to stay warm.

You can wear layers of warm clothes on a cold  blustery day,
perhaps take a brisk walk to blow away the cobwebs and take some fresh air.....
but..... nothing can replace the feeling when you turn around and start your journey home.
That for sure would be the warmest place to be.

It was one of my own base layers, but the other additions are all digital.

Thank you for calling in, I always appreciate the comments you leave for me.

Digital information  can be
found in my sidebar.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Home sweet home at TioT's

Home Sweet Home
 is the new challenge theme at Try it on Tuesdays
There are lots of ideas for the theme at TioT's ,
 please pop over and see what we all have been making.

The base layer for my card had a water colour wash and then I used stencils for the background detail, the foliage  and grass clumps were stamped.
The other images are Paper artsy stamps,  I did stamp the images on the card, then re-stamped them,  coloured and then fussy cut.

I also had a play on my computer  and made this page  for my digital journal.

Thank you for calling in to see me today, you are all most welcome here.

If you have called in on T day, please scroll down to my earlier post

Monday, 6 November 2017

Cosy and Warm and Tea with friends.

It is for sure sweater weather here, frosty mornings, very cold, I think winter will soon be here ,
 when autumn has just left us.

I have made another, but easy to create  page for Chris's theme
of..... 101 ways to keep warm..... this month at 

The page I used as my background was torn from a magazine
 called Landscape where I also  I found the girl wearing this cozy sweater . To add a little texture I used a stencil, which I coloured a little after the paste had dried.
The words were computer generated.

In case you wonder about the spelling of ,  'cosy',
this is the English version, but my computer spell check insists it should be, 'cozy', so take your pick. I'll stick to the way I have spelled it  for many a year.

Now its time to visit with friends over at

where we are always made welcome with a drinks related post on Tuesdays
I hope you have a cuppa handy as here are the promised photos from our  visit to the coast last week.
I have added a link [above the photo] if you were interested in the history of this Lighthouse.
 It is now owned by the National Trust .

This is  the engine house. It was the first lighthouse to be built specifically to use alternating current electricity.

This was a display  in the machine room to show how  the light dome  actually looked, one of the glass panels was open  to show the inside.

This is the  keepers cottage ,
the yard for washing and drying the clothes was surrounded by the building complex.. Two of the other cottages are now holiday homes. The front of one can be seen   in my first photo from the path leading to the buildings.

The rooms were very small,  but I imagine they  were quite comfortable in their day.


The cottage had two bedrooms and the Lighthouse Keepers jacket hung proudly from the wardrobe door.

Two of the notices that caught my eye were  about the number of shipwrecks on the coast between the Rivers Tyne and Tees and the one on the right about  Distress signals

It was now time to stop by the cafe for a bowl of soup, even though it was sunny, it was cold outside and  inside the building.  We do  like to use the National Trust Cafe's as well and have found the food  to be very wholesome and tasty.

My choice today was a Vegetarian Chilli pot
and of course the pot of tea.


We also visited the  National Glass Centre, which is further down the coast.

It was once a thriving area for ship building on the River Tees.
 The front of the building was very modern and as you can see the views were good..

I have to say I was rather disappointed with the exhibitions inside.
I think I was expecting to see more as its a National gallery.


The bear was full size and in the main entrance area.
The other photos show some glass  pieces that interested me for their  detail and colour.

 Some of the more interesting items for sale in the shop.......
very expensive

I  was really taken with these   plates, I am still looking for  information as to how and who made them. They have a childlike naive quality and were all extremely interesting.  There were quite a number on the walls, but these were the best photos I managed to get.

Thank you all for calling in to see me today.
Happy T day everyone..

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Just the two of us.

At Tag Tuesday

the new theme is............Book Print.
I used a piece of  embossed and coloured card for a base.
I did use scraps for the next layers, the pile never seems to get any smaller.
The small beads  and bits , had a life of their own when I opened the tin. I think I will be finding them for days  around my desk and floor. 
You guessed it they spilled everywhere when I opened the tin.
Thank you for calling in to see me today,
your visit and comments are always appreciated.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Take a walk

The new theme chosen by Chris for November over at
  Art Journal Journey ....... is
'101 ways to keep warm'.
Going out for a walk  on a cool autumn day  can make you feel warm inside,
 even though the sun may not be shining, as long as you keep moving.
 you will be creating your own heat, your own inner sunshine.
The idea for this page came for a visit to the coast we made yesterday.

It was a clear, but cool day, a bit of a breeze,  an interesting scenic place to visit.
I will add more photos when I visit with the T. folk on Tuesday

This is how my hybrid/mixed media  journal page began.
Water colour background, some raised stencils, a scene torn form an old calendar,
  washi tape scraps.
Other additions were added in the digital program I use. [notes in  my sidebar].

Thank you for calling in to see me today,
you are always welcome here.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Today I am sharing  this mixed media/hybrid journal page.

It started off with a watercolour wash and some  ducks enjoying themselves, they came  from a torn napkin.

I was able to change the colours to autumn tones,  move them closer together
and add some extra details in the digital program I use [see my side bar].

It was a fun page to alter and I did try a few ideas I had  buzzing in my head,
 maybe the ducks had been  frightened by witches on this Halloween night.
 But as I love animals, decided they could have fun on  this  autumn evening and play at the bottom of the garden in the pumpkin patch.

Thank you for calling in to see me today.
You are very welcome here.